Djembe Repair: - Skin Replacement $99.00

Our skin replacement service includes the following:
  • Skin Selection:
  •   Based on your instruments size and wood texture, we select the appropriate hide.

  • Hair removal:
  •   All hair is shaved, from the skin surface

  • Wood Patching, Repair, and Rim Adjustments:
  • We often discover minor wood repairs that result in improved tone and frequency once repaired. To reasonable limits we include such repairs in our cost.

  • Tightening:
  • Using a two or three ring system (depending on your instruments initial construction) we use the existing rope on your instrument to create the necessary tension to produce the unique Djembe sound.

  • Tuning:
  • Initial tuning of your instrument is included in the price. Ongoing tuning is the responsibility of the instrument owner, and is necessary to ensure a high quality of sound.

Our policy for all repair work is 100% payment upfront including return shipping costs.

Additional Services:
For an additional fee, Baile’s African Drum Works will replace your existing rope with new rope of equal or higher quality. Rope selection is subject to stock availability.

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  4. Using our website, you can check on the status of your instrument.

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